T1 is a product development firm and an industrial design studio.

T1 stands for "Think First."

"Think First" means an intelligent, experienced, and methodical development process.

"Think First" also evokes striving to be first, to be innovative, to lead.


The industrial world in which we work is overwhelmingly flooded with new technologies, trends and fashions, market forces and social agendas. In such an environment, product development is a job for an expert.


Our work process has been optimized through years of experience and the many dozens of products we have developed. It assimilates specific research for each product, excellence in industrial design (a critical element in making your product competitive), an emphasis on a clear concept and innovation, with responsible, uncompromising mechanical design which constantly balances performance, manufacturing feasibility and product cost. We believe in welcoming the costumer’s experience and involvement in decision-making in order to develop a well optimized product together.


Our most precious assets are our experience and our excellent people. T1 was established and is managed by Shlomo Namdar Kaufman who has assembled a committed team. Each of our customers is supported by a dedicated project manager who is available to address any question or need.  The project manager is responsible for leading the various stages of the product development, supervising additional staff members dedicated to the project, and when needed, integrating expert advisors and subcontractors for specific issues.


Our working method ensures a thorough and effective process, minimizing risks and uncertainty while creating a common language between the customer and suppliers. We will make sure no detail is left unattended from the beginning of the project to its very end – the actual production.  

​T1 Product Design and Development